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An Afternoon With Grandkids


Last Sunday I took Peyton and Megan out for the afternoon.  We ate at McDonalds – the kids’ choice, of course! – then we went shopping.  I needed to get a new down coat, so we went to Bon Ton.  Peyton wanted to push the cart and did a great job!  He asked me to stop once because he said he knocked down a jacket.  They were so well behaved and didn’t complain at all while I shopped.  Then we went to Walmart so they could each get a toy and also one for Abby, who was not feeling well.

Megan found a little pink poodle that she could put the stuffing in herself.


Peyton found a toy Hummer carrying a canoe on its roof. 101_2021

Megan found a Barbie with a dog and her pups.  One of the pups pees, and Megan figured it should drink lemonade!  When we gave the Barbie and pups to Abby, she was very happy.  She said she’d been wanting this toy – of course, she wants EVERY toy she sees on TV!

Jeremy, Lois, and Peyton came over for supper tonight.  John fixed some new, yummy recipes – a meatloaf stuffed with broccoli and mozzarella, sweet potato casserole, and chocolate and peanut butter over a graham cracker base.  Peyton brought his leap frog and played some games on it and then hooked it up to the TV. 101_2034

Lois brought a picture of herself and Peyton from Halloween.  They were Curious George and his banana.

This is a picture of the picture!

This is a picture of the picture!

Peyton has already decided he wants to be a Hot Wheels race car driver next year.

Peyton enjoys looking at Grandpa’s classic car books and wants to know what each car is. 101_2045

Daddy is happy to look at the pictures with him.

At physical therapy today, I asked the therapist when my foot should be back to normal and he said it should be all right in SIX WEEKS!  I had no idea it would be so long – I only had the cast on for four weeks 😦  The problems I’m having now are because the cast was pressing on my big and little toes, so I’m having trouble walking normally.

More From the Weekend


Megan wore a special shirt Saturday.  Kayla, her cousin, wore this shirt to the hospital when Megan was born!  Now Megan is big enough to wear it.  She looks more toothless because she lost another tooth.101_1973

Bubba has a new hairdo!


Megan got pink pom poms at Dollar Tree and had to try them out on everyone.  101_19781

Jessica brought her stethescope  to try it out on all of us.  She wanted to use it on the kids since she hasn’t had any young patients yet.  She practiced her manipulations on Amy and me.  John asked her to look at his ankle since he thought he wrenched it.101_1967

We spent Sunday afternoon at Amy’s house because her house is a little closer to Athens than ours is.  Amy, Megan, and I played Chutes and Ladders (I won), and Jessica, Adam, Amy, and I played Scopa.  It’s a fun card game Jessica learned in Italy.  Amy and Jessica won because Amy insisted on playing three more hands until they beat Adam and me.

Jessica wants to know where the Billy Idol picture is, so here it is. 101_1995

Jessica and Adam got tattoos.

I'm not sure which one is Billy Idol, this picture or the other one!

I'm not sure which picture is the Billy Idol one - this one or the other one?

Here’s Megan’s tattoo.


Mine is a flag, placed above my heart in honor of Veteran’s Day (but no picture).  Abby had fun cutting paper and leaving scraps of it all over the floor.101_1993

I’m faithfully doing the exercises the physical therapist wants me to do for my ankle.  I notice I still walk like I have a cast unless I really think about it and walk very slowly, trying to use lots of muscles in my foot.

Busy Weekend


This weekend was very busy.  Jonathan and Sayaka came home so Jonathan could speak at the youth rally in DuBois.


Jessica and Adam also came for the weekend –101_1997

the first time Jessica has been home since she left for medical school.  Jeremy and Lois went away to celebrate their 10th anniversary so we kept Peyton for them Saturday and overnight. 101_1970

Amy, Megan, and Abby came to spend most of the day Saturday, so we had a houseful.  It was great!  It was a nice time to take a lot of pictures too, so I’ll post some in the next few days.

Amy and Jessica took the kids to Dollar Tree since Megan had $2.00 burning a hole in her pocket because she had lost a tooth.  Abby bought a bear and an outfit for it, but the outfit was too big, so I decided to make a dress for her bear,


then Megan asked me to make a jacket for her penguin. 101_1988

That kept me busy for the whole evening!

Not Much Going On


I haven’t written much lately because not much is going on.  I still have my big purple cast and I’m not going out and doing anything other than to go to work and church. I have been finishing some knitting, but don’t want to post about it because I’ve been making Christmas presents!

Yesterday when I took Abby to the bathroom at church, she looked at my crutches and said, “Grandma, you need those things so you don’t fell!”  Abby wore the hat I made her when she went trick-or-treating, even though she was a princess.  Megan was a cowgirl.

I love how they hug each other!

I love how they hug each other!

Jonathan has a very smart dog!

What is Foster doing on Bubba's computer?

What is Foster doing on Bubba's computer?

Well, maybe not!

Too tired from studying?

Too tired from studying?

Here’s Bubba wearing the hat I made him last Christmas.

Bubba and Sayaka

Bubba and Sayaka

I think he’s wearing it inside out (probably on purpose!)