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Happy Times


Yesterday, Diane and I went to Mars, to the Pittsburgh Yarn Festival and had a great time.  We spent about three and a half hours looking at (and buying!) yarn, patterns, accessories, and tools.  After that, we wanted to eat at a nice place.  Diane chose Olive Garden, but when we got to the restaurant we found a long line of people waiting for tables so we decided to go next door to Smokey Bones’.  We had a delicious meal there, then headed for home.

Diane dropped me off at my car, which was at Amy’s house, and I went in to see the girls and Jessica, who arrived to spend the night there.

101_2413 Abby is excited about being a flower girl with Megan and Becca for Aunt Jessica’s wedding and has decided Peyton should be the “ringman”.  She asked Jessica if she knows a “peacher” to marry them!  I guess she didn’t think about her grandpa!

Jessica, Amy, and I have started talking about wedding plans.  I told Jessica she should start a notebook of ideas and she said I should too.  It’s exciting to be able to help her plan her wedding!  She’s thinking about a possible outdoors wedding late this coming summer.

Jess and Amy are comparing rings!

Jess and Amy are comparing rings!

Abby decorated a Valentine bag101_2415

and Megan and her daddy decorated a box to hold her valentines.101_2417

I woke up this morning with a bad sinus headache.  This afternoon, Jessica worked on me and I feel a lot better.  It sure is nice to have a doctor-to-be in the family!


The Big News


Jessica and Adam are engaged!!!!!!!

Adam called Thursday afternoon and asked John for her hand in marriage.  After a little bit of teasing, John gave him his blessing.  We’re all very happy!


Breaking News!


Someone in our family has some great news – but I don’t want to spoil it before the person can tell everyone!  :))))

Here is a picture Abby took with my camera at Wendy’s Saturday.

that's my hand

that's my hand

She was really proud of herself  at being able to take a picture.   They had a lot of fun and enjoyed being silly!101_2400101_2401

We had an unexpected day off school today because the middle school and high school didn’t have power.  We only lost power at our house for a few minutes last evening and for a little while overnight.  John said the only reason we have power is because we have a new generator 🙂

I spent a lot of time today looking through my knitting patterns and yarn, trying to see what I “need” when I visit the Pittsburgh Knitting show on Saturday.  When I tried to print some patterns, there was a problem between my computer and the printer, so  John worked on it for a couple hours and finally fixed the problem.  Then I used up most of an ink cartridge printing patterns!

A Big Warm-up


We are in the midst of a heatwave!  The temperature yesterday was in the mid 30s, and today it reached 52 degrees.  It’s amazing how warm it feels after having a high of 7 degrees a couple days ago!  It’s nice to have a lot of the snow melt away, but now the driveway is dangerous with ice that was under a layer of snow.  John said a grader came by yesterday to widen the road and pushed a lot of ice and snow across the end of the driveway so he had to shovel it to be able to get out.  Both John and I put lots of salt on the driveway today, trying to melt the ice away.  We’re supposed to have several days of mild weather this week, so hopefully the ice will be gone before we get more snow.

This morning, Jeremy came over to work out and brought Peyton and his friend, Weston.  After talking to them for a while, I drove into town to run some errands and to wash my car.  I knew I would have to wait in line for the automatic car wash, but I thought it would be worth the wait (plus it gave me time to read a little).  When I got home, I was excited to see how clean my car was, but  I was VERY disappointed to see that it had been so filthy, the car wash was unable to clean all the road grime off.  I spent extra money to get a polish, clear protector, and a laser dry, and found out it probably baked the dirt onto my car!

This afternoon, Amy, Megan, and Abby came over to visit.  Megan enjoyed playing with a toy carrot filled with tiny bunnies that I made about 25 years ago


while Abby played soccer.


Later on, we went to Wendy’s for supper.  The kids enjoyed taking pictures with my camera and with my cell phone.  101_2403

Megan says she wants a phone like mine because my phone is pink!  101_2407

Notice Megan’s red and white fingernails.  They have family night each week and they take turns deciding what to do that night.  For Megan’s turn this week, she decided everyone would get their nails done, but  Joe didn’t participate!



This morning at least 30% of the people at church wore Steelers garb.  Megan and Abby don’t have actual Steeler shirts, but they’re wearing the right colors!  Hope has a shirt like Hailey’s so I don’t know why she didn’t wear hers.101_2387 101_2384

Lois even had gold eye shadow and black fingernails!   John had on a maroon colored shirt and was “accused” of rooting for the Cardinals!  A couple ladies who wore red coats were also “”accused of being Cardinal fans.

We enjoyed watching the Super Bowl tonight at Amy’s house.   Abby slept through the first part of the game since she was tired out from building snowmen in the yard this afternoon with her daddy.  During part of the game when the Steelers weren’t doing very well, Megan suggested Abby should go back to sleep since the Steelers were winning earlier while Abby slept.

Friday afternoon, we picked up Jessica and went to OVU to watch Sayaka and Bubba perform in this year’s Expressions.  Sayaka was the “ditsy” Bambi (pronounced Bombi) who along with “Bob Barker” were hosts of “The Lice is Right” game show.


Sayaka did a great job and looked beautiful in her prom dress from Goodwill.

101_2381 Bubba was a contestant, Sally, in his gorgeous dress, also from Goodwill.

Here’s a picture of us with our daughters son and daughter!


Notice my Steeler sweatshirt – it’s Punxsy Phil as a Steeler Phan!