Daily Archives: February 2, 2009



This morning at least 30% of the people at church wore Steelers garb.  Megan and Abby don’t have actual Steeler shirts, but they’re wearing the right colors!  Hope has a shirt like Hailey’s so I don’t know why she didn’t wear hers.101_2387 101_2384

Lois even had gold eye shadow and black fingernails!   John had on a maroon colored shirt and was “accused” of rooting for the Cardinals!  A couple ladies who wore red coats were also “”accused of being Cardinal fans.

We enjoyed watching the Super Bowl tonight at Amy’s house.   Abby slept through the first part of the game since she was tired out from building snowmen in the yard this afternoon with her daddy.  During part of the game when the Steelers weren’t doing very well, Megan suggested Abby should go back to sleep since the Steelers were winning earlier while Abby slept.

Friday afternoon, we picked up Jessica and went to OVU to watch Sayaka and Bubba perform in this year’s Expressions.  Sayaka was the “ditsy” Bambi (pronounced Bombi) who along with “Bob Barker” were hosts of “The Lice is Right” game show.


Sayaka did a great job and looked beautiful in her prom dress from Goodwill.

101_2381 Bubba was a contestant, Sally, in his gorgeous dress, also from Goodwill.

Here’s a picture of us with our daughters son and daughter!


Notice my Steeler sweatshirt – it’s Punxsy Phil as a Steeler Phan!