A Big Warm-up


We are in the midst of a heatwave!  The temperature yesterday was in the mid 30s, and today it reached 52 degrees.  It’s amazing how warm it feels after having a high of 7 degrees a couple days ago!  It’s nice to have a lot of the snow melt away, but now the driveway is dangerous with ice that was under a layer of snow.  John said a grader came by yesterday to widen the road and pushed a lot of ice and snow across the end of the driveway so he had to shovel it to be able to get out.  Both John and I put lots of salt on the driveway today, trying to melt the ice away.  We’re supposed to have several days of mild weather this week, so hopefully the ice will be gone before we get more snow.

This morning, Jeremy came over to work out and brought Peyton and his friend, Weston.  After talking to them for a while, I drove into town to run some errands and to wash my car.  I knew I would have to wait in line for the automatic car wash, but I thought it would be worth the wait (plus it gave me time to read a little).  When I got home, I was excited to see how clean my car was, but  I was VERY disappointed to see that it had been so filthy, the car wash was unable to clean all the road grime off.  I spent extra money to get a polish, clear protector, and a laser dry, and found out it probably baked the dirt onto my car!

This afternoon, Amy, Megan, and Abby came over to visit.  Megan enjoyed playing with a toy carrot filled with tiny bunnies that I made about 25 years ago


while Abby played soccer.


Later on, we went to Wendy’s for supper.  The kids enjoyed taking pictures with my camera and with my cell phone.  101_2403

Megan says she wants a phone like mine because my phone is pink!  101_2407

Notice Megan’s red and white fingernails.  They have family night each week and they take turns deciding what to do that night.  For Megan’s turn this week, she decided everyone would get their nails done, but  Joe didn’t participate!


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