Happy Times


Yesterday, Diane and I went to Mars, to the Pittsburgh Yarn Festival and had a great time.  We spent about three and a half hours looking at (and buying!) yarn, patterns, accessories, and tools.  After that, we wanted to eat at a nice place.  Diane chose Olive Garden, but when we got to the restaurant we found a long line of people waiting for tables so we decided to go next door to Smokey Bones’.  We had a delicious meal there, then headed for home.

Diane dropped me off at my car, which was at Amy’s house, and I went in to see the girls and Jessica, who arrived to spend the night there.

101_2413 Abby is excited about being a flower girl with Megan and Becca for Aunt Jessica’s wedding and has decided Peyton should be the “ringman”.  She asked Jessica if she knows a “peacher” to marry them!  I guess she didn’t think about her grandpa!

Jessica, Amy, and I have started talking about wedding plans.  I told Jessica she should start a notebook of ideas and she said I should too.  It’s exciting to be able to help her plan her wedding!  She’s thinking about a possible outdoors wedding late this coming summer.

Jess and Amy are comparing rings!

Jess and Amy are comparing rings!

Abby decorated a Valentine bag101_2415

and Megan and her daddy decorated a box to hold her valentines.101_2417

I woke up this morning with a bad sinus headache.  This afternoon, Jessica worked on me and I feel a lot better.  It sure is nice to have a doctor-to-be in the family!


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