Monthly Archives: March 2009

Dress Shopping


Amy, Megan, and I drove to Pittsburgh to meet Jessica,




and Cortney


to go shopping for bridesmaid dresses.

Megan and I watched “Thumbelina” on the DVD player in Amy’s “new-to-her” van which made our trip pass quickly.

We visited two bridal shops, then went to two different malls to look for dresses, and ended up with some ideas, but no dresses.101_2578 Abby decided to stay home with Daddy, which ended up being a good decision because it was a very long day for Megan and the adults. 101_2617

The girls 101_2585(including Jessica)101_2646

tried on a lot of dresses,


while Jessica101_2599 and Megan101_2602 tried on tiaras.

Later on, Megan made a big decision!101_2649

Last Saturday night, we celebrated Diane’s birthday101_2551 at our house.  After a good supper (cooked by John), we played Rummikube.  I had finally finished Diane’s gift, a scarf made from alpaca and silk,101_2564 but couldn’t give it to her yet because it was in the process of being blocked.  This scarf seemed to take forever to knit, but it was an enjoyable project.


Exciting Shopping Trip!


Today was a very nice and eventful day.  We met Sayaka’s mother, Mariko, and her friend Keiko, (who were visiting from Japan)


and went shopping.  Bubba and John looked for gardening supplies, and the rest of us went to the bridal shop so Jessica could show us her favorite dresses.

Sayaka showed off a possible dress choice for the wedding


while  Keiko tried on one dress and some tiaras.


I lost track of the number of dresses Jessica tried on, but I took almost 100 pictures of them!

The weather was great today – nice and warm.


Foster enjoyed having windows open in the house.

We got to see Bubba’s house for the first time,


and I noticed CROCUSES in his yard!!!!!  I wonder how soon we’ll see crocuses at home?


Here are a couple of my favorite pictures of the day. 101_2532

Jessica tried on several veils but didn’t take them off their hangers.


Adam, do you like this headpiece???


Do you think Jessica’s socks look good with this shoe?



Jeremy and Lois decided to get a puppy for Peyton, so welcome Woofy! 101_2436

Woofy is part Lab and part boxer and is eight weeks old.  He seems to be calm for a puppy – he did try to climb my leg, but he didn’t run around crazily like other puppies I’ve seen.

John and his quartet, Vocal Accord, sang at the youth rally in Toledo last weekend and were well received. 101_2424

They have a couple singing engagements coming up in the next couple months and want to make a CD featuring their songs.

This weekend, John and I plan to go south to see Jessica (and her wedding dress choices), Bubba, Sayaka, and to meet Sayaka’s mother, who is visiting here from Japan with her friend.