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And, Another Birthday!


Today is Jeremy’s 34th birthday!


Happy Birthday, Honey!  Where have all the years gone?

Since we were going to be busy tonight, we celebrated Jeremy’s birthday last Sunday by going out to eat at Pizza Hut with Jeremy, Lois, Peyton, and Pat Barr.  I remember one year when Jessica was little and we were going to celebrate Jeremy’s birthday on a day other than his actual birthday.  Jessica was very upset about it and insisted we had to celebrate it on the correct day 🙂  Fortunately, she’s outgrown that feeling since we can’t always celebrate her birthday on the correct day!

John and I attended Abby’s performance at her preschool program tonight, held at the church building across the street from the preschool.  She played Ducky Lucky in their performance of Henny Penny.101_2865

(We figured Abby couldn’t see if she didn’t have her glasses on to hold up her duck hat!)  101_2866

After the program, we went to the preschool for refreshments and to see Abby’s art projects.  101_2868

Afterward, we went to get ice cream and got to see a three day old baby Shetland pony. 101_2892

Abby wouldn’t go anywhere close to the pony, but Megan decided she was brave enough to pet her a little.101_2897

After we got ice cream, I went back to Amy’s house and watched a video on dinosaurs with the girls.  During the show, Abby said, “Dinosaurs are instinct!”  A couple weeks ago, after Peyton’s visit to the allergist, he asked his mom, “How many inches is me?”  I love the cute things little kids say!101_2802

This is the progress I’ve made on the shawl.  101_2898


Happy Birthday, Lois!


101_2822Today is Lois’s birthday and she, Jeremy, and Peyton came over for supper tonight to celebrate.  John made pizza – which was very yummy!

Peyton has been taking a lot of pictures and was taking a picture the same time I was taking his picture.  (sorry I forgot to take away his red-eyes)

Peyton was taking a picture of me as I was taking a picture of him.

He has gotten some nice pictures with their digital camera and took quite a few tonight, some with my camera.  I like the angle he takes them from – different than the way I take pictures.

Grandpa was cooking hot sausage for one of the pizzas.

Grandpa was cooking hot sausage for one of the pizzas.

I had forgotten to tell John that Jeremy was bringing an ice cream cake for Lois, so he bought her a tiny cake today which Lois thought was “cute”.  We let Peyton put the candles on her cake 101_2816

– 14 of them – all the candles in the house!  I’ll have to buy more since this is just the beginning of our very busy birthday season.  Jeremy enjoys his cake. . .101_2826maybe he’s practicing for his birthday – in 9 days!

I’ve been doing some knitting and I’m really enjoying this project.  It’s a round shawl.101_2833

Happy Birthday to my baby!


Happy Birthday, Bubba!!!

(from 2006)

(from 2006)

My baby is 23 years old today – where did the time go?  Bubba was a cute, calm baby and has always been easy-going and a good kid.  It’s hard to believe he’s already 23!101_2175

The weather has been gorgeous the last couple days, but I haven’t been able to take advantage of it since I haven’t been feeling well.  My nose is constantly dripping even though I’m taking all my allergy medicines and got my allergy shots this week.  I think it’s my sinuses, probably from cleaning up most of my flowerbeds Monday.  It was a nice day, so I decided to get a lot of yard work done and started with the flowerbeds.  I didn’t get to clean them up last fall since I was laid up with a broken ankle, so they were in pretty bad shape.  I’d like to have lots of extra flowers planted this year because of Jessica’s wedding and the family picnic she wants to have at our house after her reception.  I’m hoping to be home more this summer than I usually am, and hope to keep up with the yard more than I usually do.

John and I went to Toledo last weekend to see Brian, Michelle, and the girls.  I took Emily and Becca to see the new Hannah Montana movie (which we all liked very much), then we went to Build-A-Bear where the girls got nice, soft lambs with cute summer outfits.  The next day, Caity and I went to Barnes and Noble where she got several books and I went hog-wild buying books for myself!  I’ve prided myself in the fact I haven’t gone shopping – much – since Christmas, but I made up for it buying books.  John and Brian made shelves for Becca’s room to hold more of her stuffed animals.  Then she and John worked on a little pig cut-out. 101_2774

They etched it then she colored it with markers.  (Unfortunately, I didn’t get a picture of the finished product.

I knit a cowl for myself and finished it this week.  I’ve seen lots of patterns for cowls on Ravelry, the knitting site I visit often, so I decided I had to make one for me.


I had bought some really pretty yarn a few months ago that looked just perfect for a cowl.  Now I’m working on a shawl with less yarn than what the pattern calls for – I’m hoping I can mix some other yarn with it so I’ll have enough.

Family Time


The last weekend of February, Jessica and I went to see Becca and Emily compete in an Irish dancing feis.101_2661

Becca got a new wig and two first place medals.  John and Brian spent the day going to an auction where John bought a HUGE roll-top desk.  It’s currently taking up half of Jessica’s bedroom!  That evening we took a nice stroll through IKEA after dinner.

Last weekend Amy and her girls, Jeremy, Lois, and Peyton, and I went to Mom’s Friday night.  Saturday, we spent the afternoon at the nursing home celebrating Grandpa Fred’s 85th birthday. 101_2733

We took a lot of family photographs which will be precious keepsakes in the years to come, I’m sure.

John and his group, Vocal A Chord entertained us with a couple gospel songs. 101_2718

Adam was their unofficial manager since he was wearing an “almost matching” shirt.  101_2729

The kids enjoyed renewing their friendship with Hannah101_2750

and also got to know Caleb, who was too young to play with them before this gathering. 101_2771

It was nice to have all five of our kids together at the same time. 101_2684

Here’s most of our family.


Amy, Megan, Abby, and I spent Saturday night at Mom’s and came home late Sunday afternoon.  I got the “privilege” of sleeping with Abby Saturday night – what a wiggleworm – but she’s precious anyway!