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Happy 7th Birthday, Megan!


Today is Megan’s seventh birthday.


It hasn’t been too long since she looked like this!  But she’s growing up fast.


We celebrated her birthday last Friday night at her house,101_3561



and then she had a sleepover with her friends, Ciara, Clara, Alexis, and of course, Abby, with Mommy sleeping nearby.


When it was dark, we roasted marshmallows, then the kids had fun with sparklers.101_3620

We had a very nice time, but missed her daddy, who had to work, and Grandpa John, who was riding his bicycle in Ohio, on GOBA.  (Here he is, resting after a hard day’s ride.)!cid_B33E3EB7-664D-4249-884C-ABCF7EC4DBBD

Friday night, John, Brian, and Jeff won the GOBA talent show – the third time in three years!

Saturday, Jessica and I went to Fly to her future in-laws’ house then we went to a scenic rest area along the Ohio River where Adam’s cousin took some engagement pictures of them.  Of course, I took some pictures, too!101_3694

Later, we attended a bridal shower for Jessica,101_3764

then we went to Jessica and Adam’s new house to put everything away.  Jessica and I are staying here for a few days, arranging and cleaning up things around the house.  Today we got the wedding invitations addressed and ready to mail.


A Big 5 – 0 Birthday!


Happy Birthday to my baby brother, Dave!  (OOPS! – that gives away my age range)  I’ve recently started scanning old family pictures and will post some to honor Dave.

Our family favorite picture is the one where we were getting our pictures taken out in front of Grandpa and Grandma Gladwell’s house in Hamilton.  First, look at this one.  Look at Grandma looking down at Dave . . .


Dave did or said something to Leslie and got her to cry.  Look at their faces!SCAN0002

As kids, we sang songs and changed words to them.  The one I remember most is Jingle Bells – “oh what fun it is to ride in a three door Chevrolet” – one door wouldn’t open.SCAN0003


He was a pretty cute kid, wasn’t he!?!

I’ve Been AWOL


We had a very nice Memorial Day weekend with most of our family here and celebrated all our spring birthdays with our traditional favorite, ice cream cake.  I didn’t know how I wanted to word the saying on the cake, so John took care of that for me.


I did all right posting about our family’s April birthdays, but haven’t honored the May and June people yet.  First was my mom’s birthday on May 5th.


Mom and Leroy were here for the festivities on the Saturday before Memorial Day.

The next birthday was John’s on May 19th.

101_2917(I think he was just getting ready to blow out his candles when I took this picture.)  After his birthday dinner, we went to Peyton’s preschool graduation.  Six years ago, John almost got a very special birthday present.  We spent that evening at the hospital waiting for Peyton to be born.  I guess Peyton didn’t want to come on Grandpa’s birthday though, and waited three hours to be born on May 20th.

The next birthday to celebrate was Peyton’s sixth, on May 20th. 101_2999

His party was held the following Friday night in his backyard.

Jessica’s birthday came next, on May 27th.


Since her birthday usually takes place sometime around Memorial Day, we are used to celebrating it, along with Amy’s, on that holiday since Amy’s birthday is June 1st.


And that brings us up to date until a few days from now!

On May 29th, Jessica was honored with a bridal shower in Athens, held by her friends from church.101_3214

The next day, John and I went to Caity’s high school graduation party at Daba’s house.  Bubba and Sayaka had a lot of fun with Maddy and Becca.


The next Thursday, we headed back to Toledo for Caity’s graduation!


Ever since I finished school/work for the year, Jessica and I have been immersed with wedding plans, getting invitations, and working on bridesmaids’ dresses and flower girls’ dresses.  We also met Adam in Pittsburgh to buy a headboard and frame for their bed.

What Happened to May?


(I’m trying to post on my phone – my first time – and haven’t figured out yet how to add pictures, so, sorry!)

I was doing pretty well, usually posting every week or so, and posting every family birthday – until May. I don’t know what happened, but the month seemed to fly and it’s already June. Tonight we’re in Toledo and just got back from Caity’s high school graduation! Emily and Becca will be done with school tomorrow and I will be done next Tuesday!!! Megan finished kindergarten last Monday, and Abby and Peyton finished preschool a couple weeks ago.

This summer will be a busy one for me with Jessica’s wedding coming up in August. I hope to get the house and yard spruced up, and need to get a lot of sewing done for the wedding. I’m making the four bridesmaids’ dresses and the three flower girls’ dresses.

While John and I were traveling to Toledo today in “Primetime”, our full-sized van, we were remembering last summer’s trip out West and my trip to Europe. We saw so many nice sites and had so much fun last summer, but I am very happy to spend most of this summer at home, catching up on everything I didn’t get done last year. (We are driving the big van because my Trailblazer is in the shop, and will probably be there for a month getting the deer damage fixed).

Last weekend, John and I went to Athens for Jessica’s bridal shower and got to see their new house. Then we drove to Toledo for Caity’s graduation party. This weekend’s trip is almost the same trip in reverse of last week’s – first Toledo, then Parkersburg, where Vocal Accord is going to sing Saturday night. Busy, busy, busy!