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It’s Been a Busy Month


I’m very happy to have a weekend to spend at home!  Two weeks ago, we went to Ohio for the family get-together at the nursing home.


Last weekend, we went to Jessica and Adam’s, then went on to West Virginia to Drew and Katie’s wedding. 101_4971

Both weekends were very enjoyable, but they left me exhausted afterward.

Two weekends ago, John and I, Amy, Megan, and Abby, and Peyton, left here and drove to Ohio in our big, roomy conversion van.  The kids sat in the back and watched movies while Amy and I sat in the middle seats – also watching a movie.  John was our chauffeur 🙂  The kids enjoyed a movie called “Chestnut”, about two orphans who hid a Great Dane from their new family.  We spent the night at my mom’s where Grandpa told the kids a ghost story!


We listened to a nice piano concert the next morning 🙂 101_4806

As we watched another dvd, Abby said, “There’s the Pickle Man!”  I didn’t know what she meant until she said, “He’s on the pickle jar.”  I realized there was a pelican wearing a blue uniform!

At the nursing home, Pam had some fun craft projects to keep the kids busy. 101_4840 101_4819

We also had a baby shower for Bryan and Danielle’s baby girl-to-be.101_4827

Last weekend, John and I, Amy, Megan, and Abby went to Jessica and Adam’s house in time for a delicious supper.  Adam grilled chicken (for chicken salad) in the rain.  He said it always rains when he grills, so I told him to remember that when we have a drought! 101_4861 Megan and Abby101_4860

showed off their Halloween costumes I made them. 101_4868 101_4873

Adam got out his violins and gave us a mini concert. 101_4900 101_4944

Megan decided she was going to sleep on Adam’s sumo sack and  had to fight Sayaka and Grandpa for the opportunity to sleep there.  She won, of course 🙂101_4876

The next morning, Aunt Jess painted Megan’s nails101_4947 and the girls made picture frames from a couple kits I’d bought a couple years ago.  I brought a lot of my scrapbooking things to help Jessica make her wedding album.  We got a couple pages ready and then ran out of time.  I left my supplies there for her to use in her spare time :)??  Then we drove two hours to Drew and Katie’s wedding. 101_4985 Katie looked beautiful and the wedding was very nice.  We had a yummy sit-down meal at the reception and got to spend some time with family. 101_4998 101_4995

John was anxious to get home since we had a seven hour drive and he needed to be up early Sunday morning to get ready to preach.

Thursday night, I got crafty and made four of these little pumpkin bags.101_5011 I filled them with candy and gave three to Dorothy, June, and Kathy at cards last night and  I gave the fourth one to John.  When Jeremy saw it, he said it looks like a Jewish pumpkin!

Peyton dressed up in his Bumble Bee costume101_5012 and Daddy had to try on the mask too.101_5017


First Snowfall of the Year


Well, it’s that time of year again . . .  it’s snowing.


Notice the blue Metro convertible.  John just bought it today to fix up in time to enjoy it next summer.IMG00065 See the nice fall leaves?

Last Saturday, John and I went to Altoona to go shopping.  I found out a yarn shop I thought had closed had actually just moved to a new location – a few hundred yards away from where it used to be!   That evening, we saw a beautiful sunset in Altoona.  (We don’t have that many lanes of traffic around here.)

IMG00062 IMG00063

I took some pictures with my cell phone since I didn’t have my camera with me.  I had to take two pictures to get the whole sunset.

Wow! It’s Been a Month. . .


It’s been more than a month since I’ve written a new posting – oops!  It’s been a busy month, getting back to work, walking with Jill two nights a week, and being sick too.

I went to Megan’s101_4658

and Peyton’s IMG00060

school open houses in the same week then went to Abby’s preschool open house the following week.  101_4697

Jessica and Adam came to spend the weekend with us last weekend for the first time since they were married.  Jessica and Adam tried out my new Snuggie John bought me.  When they arrived, I was wearing the Snuggie with my arms up in the air and TRIED to say, “Are you ready to go to the football game?”  I was laughing so hard, I couldn’t say it.  Jessica knew what I was trying to say anyway since she’s seen the silly commercials on TV too!


It is truly one size fits all.101_4709

It was big enough that Jessica and Adam could both fit into it at the same time 🙂


We celebrated Adam’s birthday with the leftover pieces of the cake Jessica had made for him – after Adam made us delicious omelets.


We went to Jessica’s friend Tonia’s wedding at the park on Saturday, then spent time with her friends at the reception. 101_4743

(Lindsy, Tonia, Amberly, and Jessica.)

Adam and Lindsy’s husband, Dan, spent the entire time talking about sports (as far as I know – every time I heard their conversation, that’s what they were talking about!)

Friday night, John and I went to the rehearsal at the park in the pouring rain.  It was difficult to practice holding umbrellas.  We were blessed with gorgeous weather Saturday, except for the wind. 101_4723 The best moment of the wedding, in my opinion, was after the bridesmaids walked down the aisle.  The girls had arrived at the park in a big black SUV.  When the bridal march began, the SUV sped away and Tonia was standing there!  It was impressive.

Saturday night, we attended the barbershop concert in DuBois.  John has been practicing for this show for a couple months. 101_4747

(Unfortunately, I was too far away to get decent pictures of the chorus.)

Sunday afternoon after church, we had a potluck to celebrate Mike’s safe return from Iraq.  After that, we went to Amy’s house where Jessica performed OMM on Amy, Megan, Abby, and me! 101_4784

This was the first time she had worked on children so it was good practice on willing patients 🙂 101_4791

Summer is definitely over and Fall is here.  We’ve had a lot of rain today and the temperature is getting colder.  The Weather Channel said we’re supposed to have a mix of rain and SNOW Tuesday!