Monthly Archives: November 2009

A Country Critter Life


When we lived in Ohio, I never saw mice except when we were at church camp.  Since we’ve lived in Pennsylvania, we’ve had quite a few experiences with varmints!  When we lived in town, we had bats in our house frequently.  We kept a tennis racket handy in our hall closet because we found it was the easiest way to get rid of the bats.

Shortly after we moved to our current house, Jessica and Jonathan came running up the basement steps one day yelling that they had seen a bird.  Jessica wasn’t sure if it was a bat or a bird, but little Jonathan said, “It was a buid – I saw it’s beak!”  John put a screen over our chimney and we haven’t had any more birds in the house.

For years, I’ve known we’ve had mice in the attic in the spring and the fall.  I’d set out d-con and we wouldn’t hear them any more.  I got used to the fact that we had mice and just figured that’s what you get when you live in the country.

A couple years ago, a few days before Christmas, I woke up when I felt something run across my legs – then it happened again.  I quickly turned on the light and saw a squirrel on the woodwork surrounding the bathroom door.  We’ve been fighting squirrels ever since then and HOPE we have all the holes into the house blocked so they won’t come in anymore!

A couple weekends ago, Vocal Accord was going to sing at a chili cook-off.  When Jeff was setting up the quartet equipment, he opened a suitcase containing speaker cords (we call the cords “the snake”).  This particular suitcase had a problem closing and had been stored in our garage.  Jeff started lifting out insulation and decided to take the suitcase outside (luckily).  When he started pulling the snake out, out ran a mouse!  That mouse had traveled an hour with us!!!