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Christmas, 2009


We had a very enjoyable Christmas this year!  The last day of school for 2009 was Wednesday when we got out about 2 1/2 hours earlier than usual, then Bubba and Sayaka came that evening.  They made a gingerbread house

and Sayaka enjoyed eating the candy off the roof 🙂  The kids enjoyed playing the trumpet John found on Craig’s List for Jessica (after they boiled the mouthpieces) then we enjoyed a couple games of Yahtzee. 

Christmas Eve day, I went to the grocery store, while Bubba shoveled our driveway then helped by wrapping presents for me.  Sayaka and I made three kinds of cookies and some fudge then Sayaka showed off her skills at riding John’s unicycle. 

After Jessica and Adam arrived, all six of us piled into the big van so we could all ride together “over the river and through the woods” to Amy’s house. 

After eating supper with Joe, Amy, Megan and Abby, and Joe’s family, we opened presents then played Taboo. (Even though it looks like Abby’s eyes are closed, she was closely watching the timer and would yell, “Time!” when the sand ran out. )

Bubba took Megan and Abby outside to scatter the reindeer food in the yard.

Some highlights:  Bubba’s naughty?, Mary and Joe with Megan and Abby, and Dave and John with Abby’s pajamas on their heads – WHY?

Christmas morning started late for most of us at around 10:00 or later!  Bubba was very surprised at his big present – a set of drums.  When Jeremy, Lois, and Peyton came over, Peyton enjoyed playing drums too. Peyton got a guitar for Christmas and also got his own 4-wheeler.  The only bad part of Christmas day was that the roads were icy so Joe, Amy, and the girls couldn’t come over.  There were just six of us for Christmas dinner, so we had lots of leftovers!  After dinner, we sat around the table and sang for two hours.  John said he should have recorded us because we sounded really good!  After that, we taught John how to play Taboo.  We played boys against girls – John, Adam, and Bubba against Jessica, Sayaka, and me.  The girls won 🙂   Some highlights of the day:  Jessica, finding out how rusty she is at playing the trumpet, Jeremy and his “grills”, Adam’s disguises, John and his thumb wrestlers,

and Peyton learning how to play checkers with Uncle Bubba.

Jessica and Adam had to leave early Saturday morning to go visit Adam’s family.  Joe, Amy, and the girls came over around 10:00 a.m. to open presents and eat some leftovers with us.  We played a couple games of Yahtzee and found out Abby had the best luck at rolling the dice!  They stayed until the middle of the afternoon, then Bubba and Sayaka left in the early evening after packing Sayaka’s little Metro full of clothes, presents, and the drum set.  After everything was crammed into the car, Bubba realized he could have put the back seat down and would have had more space to pack things in!  After packing the car full, they put John’s bike rack on the back and took two bikes home with them.  John left about the same time as Bubba and Sayaka to go do bulletins so I had a couple hours by myself – and I just sat and relaxed 🙂

Some highlights of the day: reading to Abby (and cuddling!), Joe Cool (Joe, actually posing for me!), Sayaka, Bubba, and Megan.

This afternoon, Jeremy, Lois, and Peyton came over to help us eat more of our leftover food and to watch the Steelers miraculously win their game against the Ravens.  Peyton brought his new guitar and gave us a little concert.  We played dominoes after church tonight and John won.

We’ve had a very busy, very nice weekend, full of good, quality family time spent playing games and talking.

We were planning to go to Toledo this week to see Brian, Michelle, and the girls, but that got canceled because of illness.  Instead, we’ve stayed home relaxing, and enjoying some down time.


Family Thanksgiving


As is our tradition, we went to Toledo last week to celebrate Thanksgiving with Brian and Michelle and the girls.  We ate dinner at Daba’s house and had a nice visit.  We all crowded into the living room and kids sat on the adults’ laps.

We got to meet baby Brandon and everyone took turns holding the sweet, good-natured baby.

On Friday, the kids spent a lot of time playing Rock Band. 

I even sang a few songs with them 🙂

It was also nice to spend some time with Adam and Jessica,

and Bubba and Sayaka.

Becca got her own cell phone and received some text messages from Aunt Jessica.

It was a very nice, relaxing weekend spent with our wonderful family (part of our family 🙂 )