Monthly Archives: January 2010

The End of January – Already???


Wow – this month has flown by quickly!  The early part of the month, we had quite a bit of snow but it has melted in the past few days because we’ve had a lot of rain and flooding.  We had a 2 hour delay the first day back at school from the holidays and later that week, we had an early dismissal (should have been a snow day). 

Last Sunday, we had to cancel church because the furnace was broken and it was too cold without it.  John and I went to Gateway where they asked him to preach that morning.  That afternoon we went to Amy’s so I could do some scrapbooking with Amy, Megan, and Abby.  I started scrapbooking the year Megan was born and made quite a few pages for her and for Caity, Emily, and Becca but since that time, I’ve only made a couple pages for Peyton and none for Abby.  Amy got started scrapbooking with some friends in her community and wanted to get Abby’s album started so that’s what we planned to work on.  The girls, of course, wanted to make some pages of their own so I brought some pictures and supplies for them too.

The girls enjoyed “journaling”.  On one of Abby’s pictures, she wrote “DELICIOUS” (with my help)!

I’ve had fun looking through pictures I had stacked up in the guest bedroom closet and I’m amazed at how much the kids have changed in just a few years!

Abby decided she wanted to eat some cereal and Amy told her I like Frosted Flakes so she wanted to keep me from stealing her food! Abby is showing off her new glasses.  These  have butterflies on them – her old ones have Cinderella’s slippers.

One night when I went to play cards with Dorothy, Kathy, and June, I took some yarn and made this scarf.