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February Fun


Last Sunday, I went to spend the afternoon with Amy and the girls to do some scrapbooking. 

I got a couple pages done and so did Amy.

I brought some new stamps for the girls to use.

They are horses and baby animals and the kits included colored pencils to color the animals. 

Megan decided she wanted to learn how to make friendship bracelets so I brought some spare embroidery floss. 

We looked up directions on the internet to refresh Amy’s memory since she’s the one who used to make them.

Megan and Abby both started bracelets but soon got tired of working on them so I got them about halfway finished. (First I had to undo some knots!)

We’ve had a little break from the snow and cold and have had a lot of the snow melt because of milder weather, sunny days, and rain.  I’ve been hearing some talk of another snowstorm later this week and I’m ready for it!  I like nice big snowstorms because they are so beautiful and make the winter exciting!

I’ve been trying to finish up some knitting projects and gave Peyton his new hat, scarf and mittens Sunday. 

He didn’t seem too thrilled with them, but I think they’ll come in handy when we have more snowy weather.

I enjoyed watching ice skating on the Olympics last night and tonight and am looking forward to the rest of the women’s competition later this week.  I’m up late tonight because I have my yearly dermatologist appointment so I’m not working.

More of this coming soon?


Let It Snow!


It’s a beautiful, snowy day and our first snow day of the school year!

These are pictures of the snow last Saturday.

We’ve received at least another foot today.  We got out of school early yesterday because of expected snow but by bedtime we had only a dusting.  I took pictures of the balcony

at noon today

then at around 3 p.m. 

and now at 6 p.m.

John miraculously managed to stay in the house until now, but decided he couldn’t wait any longer to go out and plow out the driveway!  He’s been asking me if I want to go somewhere tonight but I told him I don’t think anything will be open.  Church is cancelled and the malls are closed.  He likes the adventure of getting out and seeing what’s happening!

I decided to go outside to take pictures of the snow and John plowing.  I figured it would be a good idea to wear boots because my feet got so cold Saturday when I went out in the snow in my regular shoes.  First I got out my dressy boots and couldn’t get the zipper down on the right boot.  Next I got out my snow boots and put the left boot on.  When I tried to put the right boot on, I thought I felt something in the toe.  I was in a predicament – if it would have been the left boot, I would have worn one of one pair and one of the other, but both right boots had problems.  I had an idea – an awful idea! – of what the problem was.  After shaking the boot quite a few times, a dead mouse finally fell out!  Needless to say, I went upstairs and got a different pair of boots to wear.

Now it’s snowing harder outside than it’s snowed all day!  According to the TV, we’re in a heavy snow band where we could get an inch an hour.  I’d say we’re getting at least that much!  We have a lot more than we got last Saturday as my pictures show.


and today!  

When I opened the front door to get the previous picture, I noticed how much snow there was on the front porch!  There is a big step here.