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Spring Has Sprung!


Peyton and Megan’s Sunday school teacher gave her students Bibles to bring to church and use in class.  Since Abby isn’t in that class and doesn’t have her own Bible, she brought an old Bible Amy had.  Inside this Bible was “the famous family heirloom” – the bookmark Jessica made for Amy when Jess was only 7 years old.  It says:

Spring has sprung

The grass has ris

I wonder where

the flowers is.

(Rhyming was very important to Jessica!)

John and I spent a couple days with Jessica and Adam last week when Jessica had a surgical procedure done.  Here’s a picture of Adam holding his “European shoulder bag” while we were waiting to see the doctor.

We got to see Bubba and Sayaka when they came to visit for the evening.  Sayaka wore the scarf I made her for her birthday. 

Jessica and Adam gave a mini concert and we played a new card game they had.  Adam won.

Jessica has been working hard in medical school and just found out her grade was in the top 10% in her psychiatric course!  She also received a 91 for her grade in ob/gyn.  We are so proud of her!

Emily and Becca had a good day dancing at the feis in Pittsburgh Saturday! 

Their first dance was the Two Hand Reel and they won first place.  Emily also received two other first place medals and is officially out of the Novice category.

Both the girls ended up with a lot of medals!

Megan and Abby enjoyed a nice warm and sunny Sunday afternoon a week ago.

Peyton lost yet another tooth!


It’s Spring!


Today is the first day of spring and what a nice day it was!  The temperatures were in the mid 60’s and it was nice and sunny.  I decided I wanted to go outside and get some yard work done and hoped to take pictures of crocuses if they were up – and they were!

I found some snow drops too!  I haven’t seen any of them since we tore off the old back porch.  The area where I found them is where John buried the rubble from the old porch!

This crocus was out back – nowhere near the flower beds! I think something has been eating the leaves.

Before I went outside, I figured I should clear the SD card on my camera and copy the pictures onto a CD.  When I turned on my computer to start the process, it said there was a Windows security issue.  John had been telling me about some malware problems so I figured I’d better download something to fix it up.  Luckily, John and Brian had both told me which website to go to, so I did and started the process to see what the problem was.  After more than an hour, the scan finished and showed I had NO malware problems!  I figured the warning was because I haven’t bought the Norton update my computer keeps reminding me to renew.

Every fall, I try to get my flower beds cleaned out and rake as many leaves as I can.  The problem is that the leaves from the oak tree don’t fall until late, so I have to clean them up in the spring.  That was my task today!  First I took down the Christmas lights, then I moved the big fallen branches to the burn pile.  Next I looked for the rake.  I looked everywhere I could think of but couldn’t find it.  After going to Walmart to buy a new one, I found the one I was looking for – in the corner of the garage – but turned upside-down from what I had expected!  I’m glad I went to buy a new rake though, because I found a small one that’s 8″ wide that is supposed to be for raking shrubs.  I think it works very well in flower beds where I have several bushes and daffodils growing and usually have to clear out with my hands.  After I worked for a couple hours, John came home and helped me get a lot more raking done.  He is a lot stronger than me and can get a lot more leaves raked in a short amount of time! Also, he got the tractor and trailer out so we could haul a lot more leaves at once.  It’s a lot nicer than using the wheelbarrow.

I started knitting a new pair of socks, aptly named Equinox!  This is the first time I’ve tried knitting socks from the toe up – most patterns start at the top of the sock.  The pattern is easy – one row of pattern, then three rows of just knitting, so it goes quickly.  I got the pretty yarn when Diane and I went to the Pittsburgh Knit and Crochet Show on Valentine’s Day.

Last Saturday night, we celebrated Diane’s birthday. 

Mark serenaded us as we sang “Happy Birthday”. 

Diane socked Bill (with the socks I made her). 

One Sunday in church, Abby stuck her ball on her glasses and she looked so cute!  I tried to get her to do it again after church so I could take her picture, but she couldn’t get the ball to stick.  She stuck it on the nursery window instead.

The same day, Peyton showed off his mouth because he lost another tooth. I have a lot of trouble getting Peyton’s picture with his eyes OPEN!  This is the best of four tries.

I made a scarf for Sayaka’s birthday with yarn I got at the yarn show.