Monthly Archives: April 2010

Easter Weekend


We had a nice weekend filled with time with the grandkids.  We went to Toledo Friday and got to watch Emily and Becca perform an Irish dancing demonstration at a Hip Hop competition!

The girls did a great job and their music sounded great.  It was played with lots of bass over the sound system set up for the competition.  We didn’t stay for the whole thing because the girls and Brian didn’t want to stay and because we would probably go deaf from the loud music!  Some of the performers looked very interesting…

but we couldn’t figure out why some of them had pieces of Barbies stuck to them!?!

Saturday, we went to a bike trail and rode six miles with lots of head wind and a little rain.  We had a great time! Brian pumped up all the bike tires, Bubba tried out Caity’s bike,

and Sayaka tried out John’s Bike-E and did a great job steering it.  (It’s really hard to steer!)

Becca looked stylish wearing her biking gloves.

After the ride, Becca warmed up with Sayaka.

A few weeks ago, Brian told me the girls and Michelle had seen a mouse in their living room so they went to Walmart at 2:00 a.m. to get mouse poison.  The following weekend, the girls had some friends over and were making a lot of noise.  They saw the mouse running around in the living room, back and forth, over to the closet, behind the tv, etc.  They decided to try to herd it outside and finally got a good look at it and found out it was Caity’s hamster!  Her hamster, Walter, had died and she had thrown him away.  They figure he must have revived somehow and ate his way out of the garbage bag and escaped.  Now the family has decided Caity should not be allowed to pronounce anything dead!

This morning, Amy took Megan to the emergency room.  Last night during their baths, Abby accidentally hit Megan with a toy and caused a goose egg on her head.  This morning, Megan threw up a couple times and was dizzy.  The doctor said they would treat it like a mild concussion but she might just have a flu bug.

Here’s this week’s picture of Peyton and his missing teeth. 

Grandpa got him an early birthday present so he tried it out.

Jeremy had some fun riding too.