Monthly Archives: May 2010

Spring Fun


After some cool rainy weather, it looks like spring may finally be back!  I went to a greenhouse this afternoon and got some flowers for the yard.  Amy gave me my favorite hanging basket for Mother’s Day (streptocarpus – I think) for the back porch,

and I bought a purple lobelia basket for the front porch.  I want to get another basket for the sunny side of the back porch but I have to wait.  Every single day, I have to use the pitchfork to tear down three bird nest starts from that side of the porch.  The reason I don’t like the nests is that we end up with bird poop all over the porch and we have birds dive bombing us!  I’m afraid to hang a plant there because I’m afraid the birds will build a nest in the planter.

Here’s my clematis:

Two weeks ago, John and I went to Sayaka’s graduation and also got to spend time with her parents,

who were here from Tokyo.  Sayaka did a LOT of talking since she had to translate for us!

Sayaka wore the dress I made her for graduation.

Jessica came to spend the weekend with me while John was in Toledo for the barbershop concert last weekend. Saturday morning, we went to see Peyton’s tee ball game.

Then Amy and the girls came over and we had “Girls’ Day”.  We walked up to the Amish scrapbooking store and got Amy’s birthday present – some scrapbooking supplies.  Later on we ordered pizza for supper, then we all did our nails. 

I thought Megan and Abby did a nice job on their nails!

We had a sleepover with Amy and the girls sleeping on the pull-out couch.  (Amy’s back hurt from the thin mattress).   Megan was looking at pictures on my camera and found some I had taken of  socks

I made for her and Abby, so I gave the socks to them (even though I don’t have their cousins’ made).

Sunday afternoon, Jessica and I ate lunch with Jeremy, Lois, and Peyton, then we went to My Garden where Jessica chose her birthday present – a nice big pot and some plants to put in it.

Tonight John and I went for a ride in the convertible and stopped at Cloe Lake

then got ice cream.

Only eleven more days of school before summer vacation!

Some “First”s


A couple weeks ago, Bubba and Sayaka came home for the weekend.  We celebrated Bubba’s birthday, along with Jeremy and Lois, since they all have April birthdays. We also spent a nice afternoon at Amy and Joe’s.  We played a nice game of Yahtzee, then Bubba and the girls played Twister.

I went to Brian and Michelle’s this weekend for Becca’s First Communion.  Jessica and Adam were there so Brian and I went with them to look for a house to rent when they move there in July.  After looking at several houses and making up their minds on which house to choose, Brian’s neighbors asked Jessica and Adam to look at their upstairs (duplex) apartment.  It was gorgeous!  They had a tough job trying to decide which place to rent and ended up making a couple lists of pros and cons for both places.  When Jessica wrote “garage” as a plus for the house, Becca said, “What do you have to put in a garage?”  (I don’t know if she remembers ever having a car in their garage!)  The decision was finally made – the house.  It has a living room, kitchen with a dining area, two bedrooms and a bath on the first floor, a full basement, and a bedroom with a huge closet on the second floor.  The yard was nicely landscaped a couple years ago and needs only a little sprucing up.  Adam likes having a garage so Jessica can park her car in it in the winter.  The duplex was huge and very nicely decorated but Jess and Adam didn’t think they had enough furniture for it.  Also, it had no back yard and had lots of steps (including having to go all the way to the basement to do laundry).

Becca looked very pretty for her first communion Sunday. Michelle curled her hair, and she wore a beautiful dress.  She seems so grown up now!

Peyton had his first tee-ball game tonight, so John and I went to watch him. We drove our new Metro with the top down for the first time!  The kids are ages 4 – 9 and were all so cute!  The catcher for the opposing team was so small, she had to walk stiff-legged because her shin guards were too big for her.  The coach pitches to the kids and if they don’t hit the ball, they set up the tee and the kids hit the ball from it.  Peyton’s team won 13-6 🙂

Great minds think alike – see Megan and Becca’s Easter dresses: