Monthly Archives: June 2010

The End of June – Already?


This month has gone very quickly!  School ended on June 7th and I spent a couple weeks cleaning, reading, and being lazy.  I’ve spent this week at Jessica’s while John is on GOBA nearby. 

I went to Athens two times this week with Jessica while she’s gone to class.  I spent  time in the library reading while she was busy then I went to see a doctor who specializes in cranial manipulation.  He said I was very asymmetrical and has fixed me up and also worked on my diaphragm because he said I wasn’t breathing correctly.  When he works on me, I don’t feel him doing much, but it really makes a difference!

Yesterday, I was knitting and reading at the same at the library and the librarian came to talk to me because she knits too.  I found out she and I have a lot in common!  Besides knitting in common, she has bad allergies and plans to work with hearing impaired people after she retires next week.  Jessica said people were waiting for the librarian’s help but she was sitting there talking to me!

On Tuesday, I babysat for Jessica’s friend’s little girl while her mommy went to class.  Olive is six months old and is a cute, happy baby! 

She has learned to crawl and headed for Jessica’s knick-knacks.

The weather this week has been very hot and humid and John’s had some problems riding his bike because of it.  He called me Wednesday and asked me to pick him up at the lunch stop because he didn’t think he could ride any more.  We ended up giving a ride to three other people to the next campsite.  I don’t see how anyone could ride – I couldn’t stand the heat and I didn’t even try to ride a bike!  This is Jeremy’s first year to ride on GOBA and he’s done a great job.  Thursday was a day when they didn’t have to ride but they had optional rides available and Jeremy rode 100 miles!

John, Jeff, and Brian have won the Friday night song contest three years in a row, but got second place this year.  A man sang an opera with GOBA words!  He was a very good singer and deserved to win.  The guys got second place this year which was still impressive because there were several good acts.