Monthly Archives: July 2010

It’s July Already?


Unfortunately the summer is zooming by, but it’s a nice one!  Today I took Megan to Pittsburgh to go shopping for her birthday presents since I couldn’t attend her birthday party last Saturday night.  We went to Kaleidoscope Dolls where we found little pink crocs and some sunglasses for Emma, Megan’s American Girl doll. 

Then I plugged in the GPS to find Ross Park Mall to go to Build A Bear.  Megan said the voice on the GPS was annoying, but it helped us find the mall!  I did know how to get there, but I wondered if the GPS might show me an easier way – it didn’t!  We ended up driving up and down some city streets, but thankfully, there wasn’t much traffic.  Megan chose a horse and we bought an outfit for Abby’s dog.

Tuesday evening was Peyton’s last tee ball game of the year. It was a championship game against the Bees – the winners for the last three years.  Peyton’s team put up a valiant fight, but lost in the end.  After the game, I played wiffle ball with Jeremy, Lois, and Peyton.  Peyton thought it was funny and was surprised I would even play ball!

Peyton and I spent the afternoon with Abby and then Megan (after she got home from doggie kindergarten class) Sunday. The kids swam and had an impromptu tea party.  Leslie was here for the weekend, so we ate lunch together at Taco Bell. Megan’s friend, Janielle, came over to swim.