Monthly Archives: November 2010

Um…It’s Been a LOOOONG Time!


It’s already Thanksgiving tomorrow!  This fall has gone extremely fast.

Today I attended a Technology Training at school and learned a lot about the programs we have on our school computers.  It was a very interesting class and one that will be very beneficial to me.  Some of the training I’ve been to hasn’t pertained to what I do.

Last Saturday I decided to sew a tote bag and went to get the fabric I planned to use out of my fabric closet.  When I pulled out some items to reach the fabric I wanted, I decided to go ahead and clean a couple shelves.  It took most of the day 🙂 because I have a lot of fabric.  By the time I finished cleaning, I was too tired to sew the bag!  I did hem four pairs of pants though.  Last night I finally started on the tote bag and got it about 3/4 finished before I went to bed – at about 1:30 a.m.!  I figured I didn’t need as much sleep since it was flex day and the kids would be leaving at 12:15 today.

We didn’t have school on Veteran’s Day, so I went to Amy’s to scrapbook and to go to see the girls’ program at school. I especially enjoy watching Veteran’s Day programs because they are so meaningful and because the students are usually pretty respectful. It was a very nice day so the girls and I walked home and were met by Amy and Princess. 

We got to use Amy’s friend’s Cricket Expression and made a lot of neat cut-outs for scrapbook pages.  When I got home that night, Jeremy, Lois, and Peyton were there.  Peyton asked for some popcorn, so John made some on the stove.  Lois and Peyton were impressed 🙂