Monthly Archives: January 2011

A New Year


Last night we had our usual quiet New Year’s Eve spent eating lots of yummy food (like chocolate peanut butter meltaway cake) and playing dominoes with Bill and Diane, and Bill won.

Today I slept in, read for a while, worked on the computer and printed quite a few pictures and some knitting patterns.  It’s great to have a wireless printer – just sit in my chair, push PRINT, and hear it print!  Much nicer than taking my computer and charger (because it always seems to need to be plugged in when I want to print) upstairs, plug it in, hook the computer into the printer, plug in the printer and wait for it to go through all its cleaning process and finally print.

This afternoon, John and I went to Amy’s to give the girls their very early birthday present. 

Megan wants to learn how to play the piano and Jeff had a very nice Casio keyboard for sale so we bought it to give to the girls.  Grandpa installed it in the girls’ room and had some fun trying it out. 

Both girls spent quite a bit of time playing it, then Amy and I did too!  Later on, we painted our nails.  Abby painted over her professional manicure/pedicure that she got during a friend’s birthday party – what a great idea for a party!

Jessica sent me a couple pictures of the little hat I made for Gertrude/Heathcliff.  I like to take pictures of my knitting projects when I make them, but I forgot to take a picture of this cute little hat.