Monthly Archives: February 2011

It’s Play Time


Friday night, Amy, Megan, Abby, and Abby’s friend Jade brought Laska’s pizza (YUMMY) over to our house for supper.  Afterward, we went to the high school to see the dramatics club’s play, Aladdin.  The girls really enjoyed it and got to have their picture taken with the genie, who happens to be the principal’s daughter. 

Behind them is the princess, Celestia.  The play was not the Disney version and actually had no singing!  Between acts and while the set was being changed, a girl would come out in front of the curtain and dance an Arabian type dance with lots of back flips.  Abby told us she can dance just like that!  🙂

I finally finished Megan and Abby’s mittens and gave them to the girls.  They really seemed to like them and put them on immediately and only took them off to eat pizza (thank goodness!)

The mittens are called Pop up Paws because the tops flip back and they become fingerless gloves.

John and I went to Pittsburgh today to visit Ikea to get ideas for a tv stand.  I found out our ideas were totally different!  John wanted to build a very small two shelf system that would hang on the wall below the tv, and my idea is actually to have a fireplace/shelving system under the tv.  We got some ideas but haven’t made a final decision yet.

This evening, we went to a church to hear a Southern gospel trio sing.  It was a very nice day.

February Fun


Here we are – halfway through February already!  I’m glad the weather is warming up this week so it can melt the ice off our driveway.  We’ve only had two snow days so far this year (hopefully that’s all we’ll have), and they were mostly due to ice.  We have had six 2 hour delays, four of them because of very cold windchill factors and the other two from snowy roads.  I feel like we got gypped this year since we haven’t had any big snowfalls.  We have had lots of snow though, a couple inches a day for several days in a row.  Now after some rainy, icy, then very cold weather, we have a lot of ice.

On Sunday, we went out to eat with the other members of John’s barbershop quartet and their spouses for Valentine’s Day.  The quartet serenaded us with some appropriate love songs and got applause from the other diners too.

I’ve been doing a lot of knitting this winter and have recently started teaching Abby and Megan to knit.  One day when Abby was at home sick, she told her mom she wanted to learn to knit and wanted me to come right now and teach her!  The girls are making scarves for their American Girl dolls.

Diane and I went to the Pittsburgh Yarn Festival last Saturday and I got a nice new supply of yummy yarns to knit 🙂