Monthly Archives: April 2011

Getting Ready for …


Last weekend Michelle held a very nice baby shower for Jessica.  Emily, Becca, and Maddie decorated the room while Michelle and her mother, Mary, got the delicious food ready.  After the guests arrived, we all got to guess how big Jessica’s belly was. 

A lady named Jim made  a very accurate guess and won.

This weekend, Jessica, Adam, and Brian are here to attend the barbershop concert where John will be performing.  Last night, Jessica opened some gifts I had not been able to give her at her showers.

She tried on her Moby so I just had to get some pictures of her. 

Then she tried it on Adam. 

This, of course, led to John going to get his weapons so Adam could be a Jedi knight or a Samurai!

April Showers…


April is really living up to its reputation this year.  We’ve had quite a bit of rain so far this month with over an inch yesterday.  The kids from church were supposed to have an outdoors Easter egg hunt and the hunt had to be moved to the church building. 

There were 600 eggs hidden all over the building so the kids had a lot of fun searching for them.  Afterward, the kids made butterflies with coffee filters and craft pipe cleaners.

Another April shower this month was the baby shower for Jessica and Adam’s baby-to-be. 

It was a nice day for the family to get together.

Amy and the girls weren’t able to attend because Amy was in the hospital awaiting gall bladder surgery.

In March, Amy, Megan, Abby, and I met Jessica at Mom’s for the weekend. 

We took a walk and saw some nice crocuses,

and took some pictures.

This is the “Sisters” picture – Leslie and me, Amy and Jessica, and Megan and Abby.  Abby requested this picture – The “Glasses” picture – people who wear glasses.

Only 31 more days of school left!!!!!