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Summer Fun


I always love summertime, especially because I don’t have to go to work! 

This summer, so far, has been quite different from our normal summers.  This summer, I feel like we’re old people because it seems like all we do is go to doctor appointments and go for testing!  Tomorrow, John will undergo a heart catheterization which will hopefully show exactly where his blockage is and hopefully get him fixed up and back to normal 🙂  He’s had a rough summer so far.

Last Saturday we went to Megan’s birthday party.  (Her birthday is actually today!)  Her parties have changed over the years!  It used to be that most of the attendees were adult relatives and a few children.  Now it’s reversed – grandparents, a couple uncles and an aunt, and lots of kids attended.  Amy had several “Minute to Win It” type games that the kids enjoyed playing.  The kids got to frost their own cupcakes before they ate them,

then, of course, Megan liked opening her presents!

We’ve enjoyed going to Peyton’s baseball games and liked seeing how much he’s improved since last summer.  He does a good job catching fly balls, hits the ball very well, and has hit several triples and at least one home run.  Since his season is finished, we went to Jeremy’s softball game Monday night and watched his acrobatics!  Something is wrong with third base and several people tripped or slid when they hit it.  Jeremy pretty much did somersaults when he hit it!  He couldn’t seem to hold on to the ball as well as I thought he could but John reminded me that Jeremy’s fingers were burnt.  He had an accident at work and had electricity run through his body.

Sometime in the next week, our family will be increasing with the birth of our newest grandchild.  I’ve been busy knitting items for him or her and am really anxious to meet her or him!!!  This is a nursing cocoon for Jess and her baby 🙂


Summertime Fun


We went to Toledo for Grandparents’ Day

at Becca and Emily’s school. 

It just happened to be Jessica’s birthday too, so we got to help her celebrate.  We went to a Mexican restaurant – delicious!

Adam made a yummy cake from scratch. 

We got to see Bubba’s place.

I made short sweaters for Megan and Abby and almost have Becca’s finished.  I’ve been working on something for the baby too, but get really frustrated when I look at yarn – I wish I knew what sex the baby is so I would know what scrumptious yarn to buy and which patterns to use!

Abby showed me how she shoots her bow,

with Daddy’s help, of course!

We’ve been going to a lot of Peyton’s baseball games. 

He has really improved this year and has caught a couple nice fly balls, hit several triples and hit a grand slam home run. 

Peyton and I spent the day together last Friday.  We went to the game store and got a game for his ds, then went to Walmart where he got an airplane Lego set.  We enjoyed putting it together.

That evening, we celebrated Peyton’s birthday at his house. 

After eating, there was a fun baseball game.  Abby found a caterpillar that she carried around most of the evening. 

She and Rosie got to know each other and had a lot of fun.