Monthly Archives: July 2011

Do I Live in a Hospital???


I’ve spent more time at the hospital in the last couple weeks than I ever have in my whole life!  John’s catheterization showed he needed to have a quadruple bypass, so he spent just over a week in the hospital and did remarkably well.  He got home last Saturday and has been resting up and recuperating. He’s received a lot of cards, but this is the most special one!

While John was resting up in the hospital, I took a fast trip to see our newest granddaughter and spend some time cuddling her.  I could tell she looks like my kids did when they were born but didn’t realize she looked so much like Jessica until I saw some pictures of her when she was a newborn.

Audrey Elizabeth has been meeting her cousins,

aunts, and uncles, but hasn’t met her grandpa John, or uncle Jeremy and his family yet.

Bubba and I had our own adventure – we got stuck in an elevator for a few minutes!

Grandpa had some visitors a couple days ago. 

They wanted to pick some blueberries

but the bushes had just been picked a couple days before.

Amy, the girls, and I came to visit Audrey for a few days and to see their cousins.  I think we’re going shopping in a few minutes and maybe taking a walk too!