Monthly Archives: January 2012

Near the End of the Month… Again


Why does it seem I only write on this blog at the end of the month?  I don’t think there’s any real reason for it, just coincidence!

I’ve been doing a lot of knitting and enjoying making some hats.  Amy had been asking for a hat so I decided to make one for her in purple, of course!  I got some nice variegated purple yarn along with a solid purple at the yarn shop in Clarion and quickly made a hat a couple weeks ago – but forgot to give it to her.  Last week, a friend at work needed some advice and some help making mittens so I decided to use some leftover yarn to make Amy some mittens to go along with her hat.  This same friend wanted to make a crocheted flower so I made one too, using the purple yarn.  Since Amy’s hat was still sitting there, I put the flower on it and am very pleased with my project.  I gave the items to Amy today and the girls modeled them for her.

  Silly Megan pulled the hat over her eyes… then Abby tried on the mittens…   Then Peyton got in on the action…

Since just before Christmas,we’ve been experiencing a lot of car trouble.  John didn’t have anything dependable to drive so we were sharing my car.  Last Sunday night on the way home from church, my car had a flat tire!  Unfortunately, the spare could NOT be removed from underneath my car and it had to be towed home.  John finally found a car this past week and is now the happy owner of a 1985 Chrysler LeBaron convertible!