Monthly Archives: March 2012

Crocuses Are Blooming!


When I took a little walk today I noticed a couple crocuses blooming!

The temperature today was in the mid 60s and was nice and sunny after a rainstorm this morning.

I spent this weekend with my kids and grandkids in Toledo.

I got to see Emily and Becca perform some Irish dancing and babysat Audrey while her mommy worked on Friday.

Audrey is growing so fast and is accomplishing new feats every day.

The highlight of my weekend was when Audrey kissed me!  I was kissing and tickling her, then she leaned forward and gave me a big, wet, open-mouthed kiss on my mouth 🙂

I made a skirty for Audrey and took it out to her this weekend.

She wears cloth diapers and after this skirty has been lanolinized, it will be a diaper cover.  I also made a couple fleece diaper covers.  It amazes me that these keep her dry!


Marching Right Along!


This school year is really going quickly which makes me start to think about Spring and SUMMER! Spring means spring cleaning and organizing and I’ve actually got a good start on it already. I went through my yarn and decided to get rid of some of it that I don’t think I’ll ever use and actually had some storage room in my cedar chest – until I went to the yarn festival – and filled it back up!

I had two visitors Saturday night and we spent the evening in my studio/sewing room. Megan and Abby modeled all of my knitted items so I could take some pictures to put on Ravelry. They are both really good models and posed in some very flattering ways. After we finished our photography session, Abby made a fish with little plastic pieces that I ironed to melt them together while Megan strung beads for a necklace. Then the girls decided they’d like to make scarves so they went through my stash and found some red sparkly knit fabric. They ran the foot pedal while I sewed five scarves. While I was turning the tubes of fabric, the floor became covered with little red sparkles! When we finished the scarves, Megan surprised me by cleaning up everything they had been playing with without being asked!