Monthly Archives: August 2012

Out and About


This morning I thought I’d take a couple pictures of my yard.

This blob is something I’m being careful of, actually scared of! It’s a huge white-faced hornets’ nest. Jeremy, our family bug man, told me they’re getting ready for winter and their larva will be left inside this nest. John would like to keep this – but I hope he’ll be able to kill off the future hornets in it if he plans to display it in his garage!

I’ve had this little birdhouse in my flowerbed for quite a few years and still really like it! There is a little mystery about it…I quite often find it laying on its side. My guess is that I think groundhogs must like to knock it over!

These are the prettiest flowers on my porch this year. This has not been a good year for my flowers since I’ve been gone so much and haven’t spent nearly enough time gardening. There’s always next year…



After cleaning some more kitchen cupboards today, I escaped to my studio to sew! I’m appliqueing Audrey’s quilt top.


John’s having a rough time working on his old motorcycle. He plans to take it on a trip soon but has to get a lot of things fixed first.

This is actually the second picture I took of him – but the first was definitely a more accurate view – he was frowning. The reason he isn’t taking his newer motorcycle on the trip is that he has even more work to do on it!

I can finally walk out on our balcony again! The old floor was too rotted so John replaced it with repurposed wood he got from a friend. He still needs to replace the railing, but that can wait. The new floor was added while I was out in Toledo, not in the last few days!


Wow – John just rode the motorcycle up the hill!

August at Home


Since I’ve been gone so much this summer, I’m happy to be able to stay home for most of August. I have lots of much-needed cleaning to do and I have some ideas to freshen up the house.

I renewed my interest in sewing in July when I made Audrey a cloth picture book

20120806-202124.jpg helped Becca make a comfy fleece blanket

20120806-202308.jpg and an adorable skirt.

I also got a good start on Audrey’s quilt. I’m making it larger than a baby quilt since she’s already one.

I have still been knitting, but not as much as usual because someone made it quite difficult!

Audrey liked looking at pictures of Mommy on my iPad.


Last week we went to the annual Acme family picnic, toured the plant and looked at some things Jeremy’s been working on.

Amy, the girls, and I went school shopping at the outlet mall where I found a cute purse that has inspired me to make some similar purses. The girls have been busy learning cheers and I’m anxious to watch them perform.


Well, back to cleaning the kitchen – – or – –