Monthly Archives: October 2012

Costumes Are Finished


After two weeks of coming home from work and sewing all evening, the costumes are finally finished. Megan’s vampire dress took quite a while because of all the layers of fabric and all the gathering. I was pleased to see how well the dress fits her!

I also made a hooded cape, whose size was totally based on how much leftover fabric I had.


When we shopped for Abby’s costume fabric, I didn’t have a clear idea what the dress was supposed to look like. After Amy sent me a link for the Barbie and the Rock Star movie, I realized I didn’t have the right pattern or enough fabric to make the dress she wanted. I decided to do the best I could with what I had, and ended up with a dress she really seems to like.

She liked it so well, she wore it all afternoon!

I especially like her belt and would like to make several more from this pattern!


Trick or Treat has been postponed because of Hurricane Sandy. I’m going to enjoy a day off tomorrow, also thanks to Sandy!

Little Bo Peep wore her dress to a birthday party.

Later, Mommy washed her costume and the ribbon on her hat raveled!