Monthly Archives: December 2016



Well, this has been a momentous year for us!  I started out the year realizing my working days were over.  Realizing I didn’t have to go to work anymore felt like a huge weight lifting off my shoulders.  We decided that after 24 years of living in our house, we would be much better off moving closer to the church building 28 miles away.  After spending months looking for the right house, we took possession of our new house the beginning of August.  We spent the month cleaning, painting walls and ceilings, and replacing flooring, then moved in by the end of the month.  It’s been a lot of fun trying to decide where to put our belongings and to weed out unnecessary items.  I’ve really enjoyed decorating the new place and am finally about to reach the time where I can get back into quilting, knitting, and crafting.